Source code for mmengine.utils.path

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
import os
import os.path as osp
from pathlib import Path

from .misc import is_str

[docs]def is_filepath(x): return is_str(x) or isinstance(x, Path)
[docs]def fopen(filepath, *args, **kwargs): if is_str(filepath): return open(filepath, *args, **kwargs) elif isinstance(filepath, Path): return*args, **kwargs) raise ValueError('`filepath` should be a string or a Path')
[docs]def check_file_exist(filename, msg_tmpl='file "{}" does not exist'): if not osp.isfile(filename): raise FileNotFoundError(msg_tmpl.format(filename))
[docs]def mkdir_or_exist(dir_name, mode=0o777): if dir_name == '': return dir_name = osp.expanduser(dir_name) os.makedirs(dir_name, mode=mode, exist_ok=True)
[docs]def scandir(dir_path, suffix=None, recursive=False, case_sensitive=True): """Scan a directory to find the interested files. Args: dir_path (str | :obj:`Path`): Path of the directory. suffix (str | tuple(str), optional): File suffix that we are interested in. Defaults to None. recursive (bool, optional): If set to True, recursively scan the directory. Defaults to False. case_sensitive (bool, optional) : If set to False, ignore the case of suffix. Defaults to True. Returns: A generator for all the interested files with relative paths. """ if isinstance(dir_path, (str, Path)): dir_path = str(dir_path) else: raise TypeError('"dir_path" must be a string or Path object') if (suffix is not None) and not isinstance(suffix, (str, tuple)): raise TypeError('"suffix" must be a string or tuple of strings') if suffix is not None and not case_sensitive: suffix = suffix.lower() if isinstance(suffix, str) else tuple( item.lower() for item in suffix) root = dir_path def _scandir(dir_path, suffix, recursive, case_sensitive): for entry in os.scandir(dir_path): if not'.') and entry.is_file(): rel_path = osp.relpath(entry.path, root) _rel_path = rel_path if case_sensitive else rel_path.lower() if suffix is None or _rel_path.endswith(suffix): yield rel_path elif recursive and os.path.isdir(entry.path): # scan recursively if entry.path is a directory yield from _scandir(entry.path, suffix, recursive, case_sensitive) return _scandir(dir_path, suffix, recursive, case_sensitive)
def find_vcs_root(path, markers=('.git', )): """Finds the root directory (including itself) of specified markers. Args: path (str): Path of directory or file. markers (list[str], optional): List of file or directory names. Returns: The directory contained one of the markers or None if not found. """ if osp.isfile(path): path = osp.dirname(path) prev, cur = None, osp.abspath(osp.expanduser(path)) while cur != prev: if any(osp.exists(osp.join(cur, marker)) for marker in markers): return cur prev, cur = cur, osp.split(cur)[0] return None
[docs]def is_abs(path: str) -> bool: """Check if path is an absolute path in different backends. Args: path (str): path of directory or file. Returns: bool: whether path is an absolute path. """ if osp.isabs(path) or path.startswith(('http://', 'https://', 's3://')): return True else: return False

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