mmengine.device.utils 源代码

# Copyright (c) OpenMMLab. All rights reserved.
from typing import Optional

import torch

[文档]def get_max_cuda_memory(device: Optional[torch.device] = None) -> int: """Returns the maximum GPU memory occupied by tensors in megabytes (MB) for a given device. By default, this returns the peak allocated memory since the beginning of this program. Args: device (torch.device, optional): selected device. Returns statistic for the current device, given by :func:`~torch.cuda.current_device`, if ``device`` is None. Defaults to None. Returns: int: The maximum GPU memory occupied by tensors in megabytes for a given device. """ mem = torch.cuda.max_memory_allocated(device=device) mem_mb = torch.tensor([int(mem) // (1024 * 1024)],, device=device) torch.cuda.reset_peak_memory_stats() return int(mem_mb.item())
[文档]def is_cuda_available() -> bool: """Returns True if cuda devices exist.""" return torch.cuda.is_available()
[文档]def is_mlu_available() -> bool: """Returns True if Cambricon PyTorch and mlu devices exist.""" return hasattr(torch, 'is_mlu_available') and torch.is_mlu_available()
[文档]def is_mps_available() -> bool: """Return True if mps devices exist. It's specialized for mac m1 chips and require torch version 1.12 or higher. """ return hasattr(torch.backends, 'mps') and torch.backends.mps.is_available()
[文档]def get_device() -> str: """Returns the currently existing device type. Returns: str: cuda | mlu | mps | cpu. """ if is_cuda_available(): return 'cuda' elif is_mlu_available(): return 'mlu' elif is_mps_available(): return 'mps' else: return 'cpu'

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